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How Do You Think Those Pest Control Guys Get To Weave Their Magic So Quickly?

pest control truck equipment

Call them what you will. They can be pest control guys for all we care. Some of them would prefer, with much pride, to be known as technicians. And that much is certainly true. They are past masters at their craft. Would it not be better to refer to these guys as exterminators? The suggestion is being made in recognition of the effectiveness of their work these days. These guys have been around your block several times.

How could you have not noticed this before? Maybe you were too busy. Busy swatting away more flies perhaps. Or bugging your nerves with those pesky termites again. And lo and behold, your gorgeous pond in your back garden has turned into a cesspool of sorts, familiar breeding grounds for dangerous mosquitoes, among other (many?) unwelcome pests. But just what is making these guys tic.

Yes, the tics have gone too. Your neighbor’s tics and the ticks on his dog’s flea collar. Listen up carefully the next time it happens. It will come roaring by; you can hardly miss the sound of that engine. That’s the sound of a fast and furious pest control truck busy making its rounds. And here’s all the stuff that makes the pest control exterminator live up to his mean name. Inside of that truck of his is all the pest control truck equipment he’s going to need for his next mission.

And let it be said that this is no longer a mission impossible. The guys have the tools, and they sure know how to use them. What’s that old saying again? The tools are only as great as its users. And just what have we been saying all along.